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Purchase and Sale Transactions. Priority Title handles a wide variety of purchase and sale transactions for both residential and commercial buyers and sellers. Priority Title acts as the closing and escrow agent in a wide variety of these transactions.  The Company works closely with institutional lenders, private lenders, real estate brokers, tax professionals, and other legal professionals.   Priority Title of to us, examines the title to the property, issues the title insurance policy, and prepares the closing documentation.  The Company also assists with the execution and notarization and witnessing of the various closing documents, reviews the documents with the client, researches the various title issues and tax issues, 
nsures that all permitting, property violations and other municipal issues are identified and resolved prior to closing, assist with the ordering and review of the survey to the to the property, assist with the ordering of estoppel and payoff letters from lenders and property owners associations and much more.  

Title examination is a critical step in any real estate transaction, and Priority Title recognizes their utmost importance. Conducting a thorough title search allows for a comprehensive examination of the property's ownership history and legal status. By carefully scrutinizing public records and documents, Priority Title can uncover any potential issues or encumbrances that could impact the property's title.

Having a reliable title search conducted by Priority Title provides buyers with invaluable peace of mind. It ensures that there are no hidden surprises, such as outstanding liens, unresolved legal disputes, forgeries, fraud or undisclosed claims, that could affect the property's ownership. By identifying and addressing these issues proactively, Priority Title helps clients navigate their real estate transactions with confidence, knowing that their investment is protected. With Priority Title's commitment to meticulous research and attention to detail, clients can trust that their title search will provide accurate and reliable information, safeguarding their interests and enabling a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

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